My Name is LaWanna

As I prep for the wedding season, I wanted to take a moment and tell you   "what my love for shooting weddings are.   My main goal is to
    Capture Moments and Make Memories!

When I meet new couples, I get excited because of the original stories that will be told through my lens.   I pull on the personalities of those I shoot.  Can you tell that I Love Weddings? I do my best to bring out the best that's happening right before my eyes.  Many of the couples leave smiling after a relaxed engagement shoot knowing that their wedding will be full of life and emotions.  What do I do? I capture the behind the scenes, precious photos that will have their hearts melting each time the images are viewed. The laughter, warms smiles, eye contact and heartfelt moments as out every time their photos are seen.   The session is where we get to relax, get to know each other, and have the BEST time laughing, shooting, and growing to be comfortable around each other! It’s a thing really; watching relationships through my lens and seeing how each one is different yet so beautiful. There is a stage in the engagement session where I realize my clients are now entirely comfortable, and it’s my favorite part. When that happens, the couple will hug closer, kiss longer, and laugh harder. It’s at this time where you start seeing them as they are, and THAT is what I love. I treat my clients as friends because that’s what I want them to be. I love building those relationships with them because honestly, I am a HUGE part of their day so I want to make it just as amazing for them. 

LaWanna Harrod

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